Training Practice

Ombersley Medical Centre became a Training Practice in 2018. Doctors who are nearing the end of their training come to experience either 6 or 12 months of General Practice, just before practicing independently. These are experienced doctors who have undergone at least 5 years at medical school, 2 years in a hospital setting developing their basic skills and then at least a further 18 months in training relevant to general practice. They are closely supervised by the partners and trainers, who in turn are trained to undertake this role. The level of supervision being commensurate with the doctors previous experience and competence.

We also sometimes have other trainee doctors at the practice who are at the beginning of their training. These trainees will be sat in with our GPs and shadowing consultations. You can choose to decline the trainee remaining in your consultation if you prefer.

Videoing consultations

Trainees may ask if they may video their consultations (written consent will be obtained before and after the consultation to ensure that you are happy for this to occur) it is absolutely fine for you to decline right from the outset. The video recordings will be destroyed once their have been reviewed with the trainer. No intimate that involve any undressing will be recorded.

Telephone Consultations

As indicated on the telephone message system when you ring the practice telephone consultations may be recorded for training purposes. Again please indicate if you are unhappy with this right from the outset of the conversation.

Trainee Nurses

Ombersley Medical Centre is also looking to support the University of Worcester by offering placements to student nurses who wish to persue a career in General Practice.